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Experience the seamless synergy of creativity and construction with FourRidges Contracting's Design & Build service. Serving Edmonton and surrounding areas, we bring your visions to life with precision and innovation.
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Crafting Success from Blueprint to Reality

FourRidges Contracting specializes in Design & Build services, delivering a comprehensive approach to construction projects in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. From conceptualization to completion, our integrated process ensures a smooth journey, bringing your ideas to life with unparalleled expertise.

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Synergizing Vision and Execution

Discover the benefits of our Design & Build service, where creativity meets construction for exceptional project outcomes


Single-Point Accountability

Enjoy a streamlined process with a single point of accountability, ensuring cohesive communication and efficient project management from design to completion.


Seamless Integration of Design and Construction

Benefit from a seamless integration of design and construction processes, eliminating potential conflicts and ensuring the envisioned concept becomes a tangible reality.


Cost and Time Efficiency

Experience cost and time savings through our integrated approach, where the design and construction phases are tightly coordinated, minimizing delays and budget overruns.


Innovative Solutions

Harness innovative solutions by involving our expert team in both the design and construction phases, fostering collaboration and ensuring the implementation of creative and practical ideas.

Our Happy Clients

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"For our commercial Tenant Improvement project, Jackson and his team did and OUTSTANDING and timely job. Very professional, reliable, courteous and both Jackson and his team members take pride in their work. I highly recommend Jackson/FourRidges Contracting 👍🏻👍🏻"
Ola Nicholson
"Four Ridges Contracting is fantastic to work with. Professional and thorough from start to finish. We used them for a new build and they exceeded our expectations on cost of the project, timeline, quality of work and communication throughout the entire process. Would highly recommend to anyone in search of a reliable contractor. It was a pleasure to support and work with a family run, local business!!"
Nicole Bouma
"A heartfelt thank you to Jackson and his team at FourRidges Commercial Contractors. Jackson went above and beyond to bring our new office dreams to reality.  He was flexible and worked within out non-profit move budget and provided high quality, professional finishings. We will continue to recommend FourRidges to anyone looking for commercial contracting!"
Tracy Fox

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of choosing Design & Build over traditional construction methods?

Design & Build offers a single point of accountability, integrating the design and construction phases for a more streamlined and efficient process compared to traditional methods.

How involved will I be in the design process?

Your involvement in the design process is tailored to your preferences. We ensure open communication and collaboration to incorporate your vision and feedback.

Can changes be made to the design during construction?

Yes, flexibility is inherent in the Design & Build approach, allowing for adjustments and improvements even during the construction phase.

How are cost overruns and delays minimized in Design & Build projects?

The integrated approach of Design & Build allows for tight coordination between design and construction, reducing the likelihood of unexpected costs and delays.

Can FourRidges Contracting handle both small and large-scale Design & Build projects?

Yes, our expertise extends to projects of varying scales. Whether small or large, we ensure the same level of dedication and precision in every Design & Build endeavor.

Transforming Spaces With Expert Craftsmanship

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